Are you tired of battling with your weight? Maybe it’s time for a different approach.

Ever wondered how much of your body weight is made up of muscle or fat? Team Hud can answer that questions by using the information provided from a Body Composition Test. Using our highly accurate Tanita scales, we can give you details of the following:

Body fat percentage

Fat distribution rating
Muscle mass rating
Muscle mass kg
Muscle mass balance
Leg Muscle Score
Hydration rating

Use the information from your body composition to help you understand where your body stores its energy. You could also use the results to help monitor your progress in aspects such as fat loss and muscle gain. Seeing changes that standard weighing scales cannot tell you will help keep you motivated on your fitness journey!

Tanita Scales don't just measure; they work to change your health for the better!

Body composition sessions are £5.00 each with consultation or £3.00 for single test. With your test you will receive an information booklet which you can use to track progress over 6 sessions. Tracking small changes, may have a big impact on your health regime!

Contact Natalie Sinclair to organise your testing session today!

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