Exercise Referral Scheme

About the scheme

Our exercise referral scheme is designed to promote physical activity and improve health for individuals that are referred for exercise by a health professional. Individuals are on the scheme for 12 weeks. Initially, individuals will attend a consultation.
The consultation is a friendly, relaxed one to one meeting where you can get to know our instructor and facilities, ask questions, air any concerns and share your goals. You will also have the opportunity to undergo a complimentary body composition test plus all information regarding the scheme and exercise options.

About the scheme

How will the scheme benefit you?

Whether it be mental health, polycystic ovaries, obesity, back pain, posture or any other, the scheme is in place to improve your health. Our professional Exercise Referral Instructors will advise you on the exercise classes and/or design a specific gym exercise programme for you in order to improve your health in relation to your referral.


How do you join the scheme?

If you think that you would benefit from the Exrecise Referral Scheme, visit the University Health Centre or the Well-being Team in student services. If the health professional agrees that you would benefit from our scheme, you will be referred to our practitioner. Our practitioner will then contact you to organise a consultation.

How to join

12 Week Programme - £45.00 (£155 with gym membership)

Receive an induction and a personalised 12 week gym programme. Instructors will be in touch with members throughout with reviews and support.

Includes 12 week inclusive membership.

Fitness Class Discount:
Attend our fitness classes with £1 discount on pay as you go class tickets. 

Fitness Class Membership Discount:
Receive 20% discount on our 6 month fitness class membership.

Email Luke for more information: L.Horton@hud.ac.uk