‘I joined the weight loss club as I had a difficult year where personal circumstances meant I struggled to get to the gym and watch my diet. Throughout the year I was also writing a book, which encouraged a sedentary existence and too much snacking on the wrong foods as I worked late into the night.  What was significant was Luke's in-depth knowledge of both diet and exercise - there wasn't a question he couldn't answer about either. His motivational discussions, clear and concise worksheets, and exercise classes - suitable for all abilities - were all professionally delivered. He was engaging and you could ask any questions, both in person and via email. I've made changes to my diet that will last - wholemeal wraps have replaced sandwiches, and also learnt new sessions for the gym. I lost 13 pounds in 8 weeks, others in the group lost more. What was more noticeable was the fit of my clothes, I can get into things I couldn't before.’


"The facilities are fantastic ..."

- Nicholas Pearman

"It’s like coming back to a family."

- Sarah Gullick