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Students: Mondays 16:15 - 17:00, Room: OA7/01 Starts 3rd February 2020
Staff: Mondays: 17:15 - 18:00, Room OA7/01 Starts 3rd February 2020

Weekly weigh - ins

Weekly Weigh-Ins

Each week and at the start of each session participants will be weighed. Measurements are taken in a friendly, relaxed and confidential environment. Participants will be prompted to undergo a Body Composition test for more accurate body fat readings.

Weekly food focus

Weekly Food Focus

Each week participants will receive a Food Focus where specific dietary choices and requirements are identified. All week, participants will focus on implementing these into their diet in order to promote weight loss. The weekly Food Focus structure avoids information overload.

Weekly Workout

Weekly Workout

Each week participants have the option to partake in a 30 minute HIIT workout following the weekly Food Focus discussion. These workouts will take part in the gym, performance suite and studios. Each workout is designed for optimum fat burn and are suitable for all abilities.

Healthy & Sustainable

Healthy & Sustainable

Participants will learn how to manage their weight in a healthy and sustainable manor aside from fad diets.

Approachable & Friendly

Approachable & Friendly

Achieve weight loss goals in a fun and friendly environment with others who share the same end goal.

Man doing sit ups

Effective Exercise

Become familiar with exercise methods that are most effective for weight loss.


Email Luke for more information: L.Horton@hud.ac.uk